How a typical shoot goes...

So I realise its been some time since I last made a blog, but never late then never I guess, right?

Now a typical studio shoot is actually fairly simple, to me. But there's far more work that goes into it than people generally think. For starters, you need to get the job in the first place. Which is a monumental task. Considering I am a 24 year old, living at home with my father and no dedicated studio. People look down on me, don't take me seriously and/or aren't interested.

Since it's all I can afford, I use a spare room in my house as a studio. Which in fact it's more than what I need at the moment. People think that it's a bad thing, when in actual fact its good for everyone because I live in a safe area and it keeps costs down, which I pass on the savings to my customers. 

Next issue would be my age, yes I am only 24. However I have more than enough confidence to work with people, direct them, pose them, and knowledge of what I want, how I'm going to get it and what I'm doing on the day. I'm a fast learner and consider myself capable of doing any task thrown at me.

So once that's out of the way, people start to treat me seriously. I take 50% of the cost as a deposit, this is basically to stop people cancelling on me. And so far it's been working because I can't be dealing with people that aren't as serious as I am about my photography.
Next we discuss a theme, props and any possible other ideas my client would like. These usually end up being images from Google. Which we use for inspiration, but not to copy.

Then comes shoot day, this is the day I set everything up. Make sure all batteries are charged, props ready, make sure MUA/stylists are turning up, background is up and clean, studio equipment is set up and ready to go and of course I make sure there's something to drink for everyone involved.
We usually run through all the images we found as inspiration and try to mix up the poses a little, change the lighting and maybe even the background. I take any input anyone has to offer and if I think it's good or it will work, we do it! 

After that, I take the images from the memory card and straight onto the computer for editing. This is actually the most time consuming part. If I really like an image, I can spend up to 5 hours retouching and airbrushing that one single image. Picking on all the fine details, and yes, I'm an OCD freak when it comes to photography. So one speck of lint on the side of a dress, will always be edited out or I'm not happy with the image!

Finally, after editing everything I send the final images back to my client for approval. And usually that's that. But inside I'm hoping they come back to me and tell me I've missed something in an edit, because it keeps me on my toes. It also means they have really cared about the images and they want it to be perfect too. I love clients like that!

But that's it! Not as easy as you first thought huh? That being said, just because it's not easy, doesn't mean I don't love it. I wouldn't change it for the world!


Invest In Memories.

My first blog post..

Blogs are alien to me, this is my first ever one and I'm probably just going to rant on a bit about me.

So I'm currently 24, own half a home with my Dad and I'm currently struggling to make a living with my photography. Now don't get me wrong, I love it... But finding work is probably one of the most frustrating things ever. I have business cards, facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, yellow pages, google ads and yet... I still find it hard nailing down those paying shoots.

Two of the biggest problems with actually securing the job, is finding people that 1. Will PAY for quality work and 2. Are reliable!
Countless times I've been talking to potential clients who love my work. Are interested in working with me, yet the second I ask them to pay for my work, they lose interest. Part of me knows that this is just because I live in Keighley and nobody really has that much money, but I am one of the cheapest photographers in Keighley... Currently offering my cheapest package at £24.00 (Most photographers who can produce my level of work wont even pull their camera out for less then £50.00)
I also struggle with the reliability of clients too, if I have a date booked with someone they cancel on me a day before the shoot. And it's happened countless times. It's so frustrating because I'm here getting myself hyped up to do a great job for them, sorting lights out and all my other camera gear... A location, props, makeup if needed... And then getting a message saying "Hey sorry, I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow" and my heart just drops. 

People don't really understand the amount of work that goes into professional photography. They think I sit there, put the camera on auto, click a button and print it out. NO!

In my next blog post I'll explain in more detail what goes on in a shoot I do as I think I've ranted on enough here. But hopefully, if this ever gets seen, people will have a little more courtesy.


Invest in Memories.