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Why do you need a wedding photographer?

So you may have found me on Google or locally as a wedding photographer. Let's be honest right now my prices are some of the cheapest you'll find in my area, but I'm definitely not the most expensive. Also if you're reading this blog, a major factor in figuring out if you absolutely need a wedding photographer, is your wedding budget.

So let me break down exactly what a wedding photographer should be doing for you. (Yes, this includes me)
First of all, you should chat with the photographer and have a look as his/her/their work to see if they are the right fit for you. You wouldn't want to book a photographer that only shoots black & white images, if you absolutely hate them! Me personally, I find it hard to like black and white images purely because I think I overdid it as a child. These days, I only make an image black and white if I feel it really fits the mood and feel of whats going on.

Then you want to see what kind of package they can do for you, whether you want a photobooth, Polaroids on the day, how fast they turnaround the images, how many free prints are included etc. etc...

Another major question I get asked is "How many images will I get?" - At this point I put everything down, look at the couple and tell them straight. That if you want 1,000... 5,000... 10,000 images, I am not the photographer for you. Now I'm not going to knock any other photographer that does hold their selling point on "I will give you X amount of images" as there are probably some amazing shooters out there. But the majority of them don't know a thing about capturing moments, they don't know about lighting, feel, mood, poses, organisation skills. Hell if that's all photography was then everyone would be doing it, just hold the button down for 5-8 hours straight and you've got 10,000 images!
But that's not my style, I want to capture moments. My style of shooting is to try and stay hidden, and no that doesn't mean I'm going to be hiding behind the wedding cake trying not to be spotted, but rather let your day flow as it's supposed to without you and your guests feeling on edge.
If people really want a number (which they usually do) I tell them I can give them roughly 40 quality images per hour, that they will be happy with. But again, this varies on the length of your day, how much traveling is involved, how many guests you have etc.

You also have to factor in the fact that you are hiring a photographer to do one very specific job, to capture your day just as it was. Sure, you have a fancy new iPhone that captures brilliant images. But again, it's the knowledge of the photographer that makes the difference. And let's face it, you've spent thousands on your dress, rings, venue, food, cars... Why wouldn't you hire a professional to remember all those details?

What does the photographer do at the end of your big day? Is his/her/their work done? Absolutely not. Let's not forget editing all your images, building you a preview, burning CD's, creating a wedding album (probably the thing I hate most, but it has to be done, and done well!)

Hopefully me rambling on has helped you decide whether you need a photographer or not, are the things listed above important to you?


Thanks again for taking the time to read my once in a blue moon blog post, I keep telling myself I should blog more and I promise I'll fit them in my schedule when I can!

Invest in memories.