Up And Onwards!

For the last few weeks I've been racking my brain, thinking of ideas for a video to show what I can do. Show what I really do at Adam Pearcey Photography. It's hard to fit it all into one video!

The reason behind this, is because I want to start a Kickstarter or a GoFundMe so that I can open and supply my own photography studio. The first serious studio in Keighley that is. Sure there's other small knock off studio's around. But I want to create one where I can really excel my photography and rent it out to other people who wish to use my equipment in my downtime. 

I already have a place in mind, just up the road from NatWest in Keighley. It's pretty much center of Keighley, has road side parking and very accessible. The studio will need to be really kitted out if I'm going to make any professional use of it though. I already own high end camera equipment, but because I've only worked in my spare room as a studio until now, it means I don't have serious lighting other than small speedlights, I have no props on hand and I don't have paper roll backdrops (Which are SO much better than muslin/cloth backdrops!)

For this, to be fully completed... I would probably need around £10,000-15,000 to ensure I get everything I need.
And you're probably asking yourself, why don't I just go to the bank and ask for a loan, right? Well, this studio will be a long shot! There is no current photography studio in Keighley, which some may see as a good or a bad thing. Good because people will come directly to me to rent a studio. But bad because it means nobody else has had any success in running one. Which means I need to do things differently!

For the beginning, I won't be able to run the studio full time as  I currently have had to take up another full time job to pay for my mortgage and help my father out as he is blind. Eventually though, I expect to fill my books up all week long, every week. Either with my own customers wanting shoots for families or models, or with other photographers wanting to rent my studio for 2-3 hours a day.

So what exactly am I going to do differently? Well, for now I'm going to keep that a secret! It's an idea I've kept quiet for a very long time and I can't spill the beans just yet as I don't want any other local photographers stealing the idea!
I guess for now, just keep watching this space ;)


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