/ Hibu SCAM!

So this is going to be another rant, but everything I tell you in the blog will be 100% factual information.

I was contacted by a man from in February named John McGuire, whether this is his real name or an alias I do not know. This man was preaching to me how's advertising was far superior to Facebook and Google advertising. Naturally as a small business owner wanting to expand, I was hooked by his sales script. He showed me another photography company that apparently had brought in numerous sales for, and showed exponential growth in this persons business. The deal was for my listing to be on top on Yell and be will be higher in Google rankings for £100 per month, for 10 months. So I figured, if this can work for someone with mediocre work, then this should be a sure fire way to get a ton of business, right? WRONG! 

I spent countless hours uploading my images to their poorly designed account management system which compresses my images and makes them look horrible. Not to mention filling out all the forms, personal information, keywords, descriptions etc etc etc... It goes on and on!
Eight days later, I noticed I had ONE single click on my advert. Yes, that's right. One click. I then rang John McGuire of to cancel this extortionate pile of rubbish as it clearly was not working and I wasn't going to get what I was paying for. When I rang him to cancel, he quickly interrupted me with more lies. Telling me that "The system takes up to 30 days to kick in" "I can assure you that this will work for you"... Eventually after 45 minutes of arguing with the man, he gave up and said he will pass it through to the cancellation team. He had a certain tone in his voice and at this point I didn't trust him at all, so to make 100% sure, I even sent in a cancellation letter, signed and dated the next day.

They are still badgering me two months on for the £100 per month and they have no recollection of me trying to cancel the contract. Go figure?
When I called to question why they still want money from me, they told me that they had "lost" the phone call and haven't received a letter of cancellation!


A few letters have been to and from myself and Moorcroft Debt Recovery. After explaining to them that Hibu/ don't seem to be responding to anything that I am telling them, they have tried to contact themselves and still haven't had a response back in months. Clearly they do not have their facts straight!
The last phone call I made was to Moorcroft telling them that if they try to harass me further for money I do not owe I will be contacting my accountant and Solicitor and pass on all the transcripts to them. Since then, I have heard nothing from them.
Just goes to show a little back bone and persistence can deter big companies out to bully you!