Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book you Adam?

Just drop me an email in the contact section or phone me on 07429147009

What is your style of shooting?

I see myself as a candid style photographer. I prefer to go throughout the day without bothering people and getting natural shots of people enjoying their day.

What are your rates?

Find them here

Are there travel costs?

Travel costs are included within your package up to 100 miles

Can I meet you before the wedding?

I'd love to meet you! I want to know exactly what you're like and get an idea of what would be best for your day. We'll talk about any ideas you have for poses, specific people you want me to get shots of urgently and any other funky out of the ordinary ideas you have.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is 50% of the package cost, up to £100

Is the deposit refundable?

I'm afraid not. The deposit is to book me for your specified date and I will decline any other work for that day once you are booked in. I pride myself on my own reliability and will find little to no reason to cancel on you. 

When do I have to make the full payment?

I do appreciate being paid in full on the day and most of my clients prefer this too. However I generally expect to be paid within a week after the day of your wedding. I will be unable to deliver any photos until being paid in full due to the nature of my work.

Do you offer prints with your wedding packages?

You will get a beautifully printed photo book with your order and all the images on a CD or USB drive to print them yourself or you can take a look at my price list and order them from me.

Why do I need a wedding photographer when all my guests have camera phones?

I get asked this quite a lot! Take a look at this blog post I made, it will help clear things up for you.

I think you're charging too much, what exactly am I spending my money on?

Believe it or not, the photographer has one of the hardest jobs of the day. I am there when you're getting ready til nearing the end of the night. I am chasing the Bride and Groom around as well as your guests. I am constantly looking out for moments about to happen and capturing as it happens naturally. I need to be very well organised and make sure my expensive gear is working in tip top condition. When I get home, I need to upload and backup all the photos taken that day. Then I spend around 3-5 days editing your photos, ordering prints, communicating with you for your album.

My friend got a voucher for some money off a wedding, can I get one too?

Sure, drop me an email and leave your address. I'll post you one straight away!

I hate posing for photos, do I have to pose?

Absolutely not, this is your day, why would you do something you don't want to do?