What does it cost to hire me, Adam Pearcey, as your wedding photographer?

Believe it or not, this beautiful creation is actually a cake. When it comes to your wedding, it's your choice how creative you want to get. It's your day.

Believe it or not, this beautiful creation is actually a cake. When it comes to your wedding, it's your choice how creative you want to get. It's your day.

You’re probably getting quotes from several different photographers in preparation for booking someone for your day. My prices start from £400 for a simple ceremony package and typically go up to £1600. A typical couple looking at a beautiful, professional album and digital collection portraying the majority of their day will choose to spend a little under a thousand pounds with me.

Those with lower budgets will hire me for fewer hours, reduced post-processing and fewer physical prints.

Those couples who, either for themselves or for their families, want a more substantial record of the day will spend more to have a venue visits, pre-wedding practice photoshoots (or engagement shoots), more intensive photo editing and additional albums and prints.

How much you choose to spend depends on what your needs are

It’s your wedding, and therefore I believe it’s important that you choose the photography experience that suits you. We can discuss the family shots and bride and groom portraits you will want in addition to the candid, photojournalism inspired images which are typical of my unobtrusive style. You choose which shots you want, how many hours you want to pay for and have the final say on the composition of your wedding album.

What does a wedding photography package include?

  • All clients, and those considering my services, are entitled to a pre-wedding consultation

  • All clients will receive a USB stick containing high-definition digital prints

  • All clients will receive a set of 6 x 4 prints

  • All clients will receive post-production corrections including for white balance, sharpness, contrast, hue/saturation

Additionally, among the options you might want to consider are:

  • An engagement shoot – particularly valuable if you are camera shy

  • Visiting the venue with myself and your wedding coordinator

  • Full wedding day coverage, including getting ready for the ceremony

  • Beautifully printed A4 photo albums

  • Printed canvases

Yes, I know this probably doesn’t help you to compare my prices to any other wedding photographer

But I believe that booking a wedding photographer isn’t like buying a computer. You can’t simply read the reviews, compare the figures that describe the components and make a quick purchase with next-day delivery. Booking a wedding photographer is personal and the value you’ll get from your choice won’t be measurable in terms of start-up time or storage space, it’s understood in terms of emotional impact. It’s worth spending the time choosing someone who suits your needs. You can’t just return a faulty photographer in the post.

  1. Fill in your details in the form below indicating the date on which you’re holding your wedding and I shall get back to you within 24 hours indicating my availability.

  2. Via email or telephone, we can then discuss what you’re looking for from a wedding photographer and I can give you a suggestion of prices. I shall provide you with a standard copy of my contract for you to read through.

  3. You are furthermore entitled to a free, in-person, no-obligation consultation where we can confirm the components of your personalised photography package and agree a final quote.

  4. Should you choose to then hire me as your wedding photographer, you will then need to pay a deposit to reserve the date for your wedding.

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